Monday, April 23, 2012

What's the right kind of coffee for me?

Ok let's get this out of the way yes it's been a while but don't call it a come back. Now on to the subject at hand.

There are a few things that you just don't do when you are around me.
1. Don't say the following words - EXpresso, mozareLL, pasta FAZUL
2. Don't fuck with my coffee.
3. Don't tell me you know coffee when you drink it from a Keurig

It's pronounced ESpresso, mozareLLA, and pasta E FAGIOLI, there is no such thing as pasta fazul you dumb fucks.

I am no expert on the subject of Coffea arabica but I have been drinking coffee for quite some time and will school you to the natural caffeine game.

There are two types of basic coffee plants you can pick from. Arabica and Robusta. Now you understand what that means next time you read it on the can.
Both plants have dozens of different varieties that you can choose from so we are going to keep it very generalized for this quick post.
Arabica seeds consist of 0.8-1.4% caffeine and Robusta seeds consist of 1.7-4% caffeine

So if you really want to go for the junkie twitch early in the morning grab some Robusta.

Just like wine, coffee can be appreciated  for its flavor. The region and plant it came from can create a whole different experience.

There are some big factor to consider when purchasing coffee. Please bear in mind that this discussion involves the use of a coffee machine that does not use prepackaged coffee. This is for the people who use Espresso type machines not the drip or K-cups.

Even the temperature in which you brew the coffee can affect the flavor.

Q:So pre-ground coffee or whole bean?
A:I prefer the pre ground coffee as high quality companies will now the right texture the coffee grounds need to reach to get the most out of them. The downside is that this can cause the grounds to dry out faster than if you just had the whole bean so don't feed your guests 1 year old coffee.

The whole bean route gives you a bit longer shelf life but then you have to grind it yourself and make sure you reach the right texture. If your like me when I want my coffee i want my fucking coffee. I don't feel like going through that process.

Q:So mister smarty pants what are the best coffees to try?
A: I have had many different types of coffes and my favorite are as follows
1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - smoothest, tastiest coffee on the planet hands down
2. Lavazza - Pretty much all of the Lavazza options are great. Test them out. I like the "Crema e       Gusto" for morning cappucino and the "Qualita Oro" for espresso.
3.Illy - Medium Roast (Arabica) Good coffee to start with and see the difference in flavors between Crapbucks and real coffee.

By far the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the best. You don't have to buy it on Amazon you can find it at a local Jamaican Grocery store. As far as the Lavazza  you are going to have to find an Italian grocery. Sometimes they can be expensive so do your research. Remember you have to have an espresso machine for these types of coffees. As far as what machine to buy well depends how much money you want to spend.
This is what I use: Delonghi Bar32
It's not the best but it gets the job done. No temperature gauge or anything fancy so it takes a few times to know the right time to start brewing.Plus i can still make cappuccinos with it.

You have to get a coffee machine that has good pump pressure (this one doesn't) on pushing the water through the grounds so don't go too cheap.
You want something of good quality that wont rust, has a good seal, high pump pressure and isn't just for pods. It has to have the ability to use ground coffee.

If you start appreciating coffee for the flavor and not for the caffeine you will find it an even more pleasurable experience. Then you will understand why Italians can spend hours at restaurant just talking and sipping coffee. Because we enjoy food for the quality not the quantity and side effects

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New music

It's been a while since I heard some refreshingly good new music. Nothing has really stricked me as like woooow that sounds awesome. I did get to hear some partial tracks on Joe's new album which sounded insane. So heres to waiting to see the final project

Monday, September 28, 2009


Thanks for the link. I am glad to hear that your dogs are doing much better after my ginormous emails I sent you. My small time as a dog trainer has allowed me to make some peoples lives much better. But unfortunately I had to move on ino my real career in the music industry. I work for a great Blues/rock musician Joe Bonamassa. So if you ever want tickets let me know. Anybody else feel free to e-mail me anytime if you ever have questions about music or dog training. My twitter is the same guitar4hire. Or hit me up at To the king!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Beginning to the best spring/summer ever

A year ago today I embarked on an adventure. For the first time in my life I packed up my stuff and moved out to be own my own. Kinda. For the next four months I spent my time living in New York City working with some of the best people in the music industry. I was lucky enough to be going along with a group of close friends. By the end of the trip we knew what we had done was something nobody else could ever experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I loved every second of it. Let me tell you something there is nothing quite as beautiful as a Florida summer but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to a sunny day in New York city. Was I scared when I stepped foot on that plane? Not at all. I may have been unsure of myself, but I was never scared of failing. Why? Because whether I succeeded or not didn't matter. I was taking the steps necessary to live my dream. So for as long as I live I will be able to say "yes I did that" , "yes I went for it" and "Yes, I had the time of my life"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Press Action

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to land a gig doing press coverage for the G3 tour that included King's X, Dream Theater and Joe Satriani. It was a great experience because, I not only got to see Joe Satriani perform 5 feet away from my me, but I also got to experience the rush of being near the stage and all that it takes to make a big show happen. Here are a few pics from the event. Mind you I had absolutely no professional photography experience nor writing skills that would acquire me a serious newspaper writing job. But luckily it was a college newspaper title "College Sun" The venue was Pompano Beach Ampitheater. Check em out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

State of Music

So it seems that the talk of the town last week was Susan Boyle's performance on "Britain's got Talent". Kind of bullshit if you ask me. Not so much her performance. Which was great I might add ,but more so the judges and audience. I could point out each and every single individual in the audience who could have sworn this lady was mentally defitient and was ready to start making TIMMY!!! sounds based on her looks alone. Well just like Timmy, as soon as she got on the mic she shocked the crowd. LIVIN A LIE!!!!!! Making judgments based on looks is a part of everyone's nature. it is how we survive just like every other animal on this planet. We look at someone and we asses the situation. Are they good looking or not? Do they seem like they could pose a threat? Does she have a hot sister? All these things go on through a persons mind before the judged are even allowed to speak. Mind you I don't really bother with these types of show they are demeaning and over all sound like nails across the chalkboard to me. But i was so happy to catch a glimpse of someone sticking it to the masses by blowing them away with a great performance. While the general public gets blown away I see a group of people getting put in their place. When the entertainment industry is in a state of self implosion it is funny to see these record execs and so called "talent judges" being exposed for who they are. A bunch of know- nothings and talent bakers, ready to ship out their next cookie cutter boy band or single artist who is so hot that no matter what you think the song becomes a hit. It blows my mind how an entire industry is running on defcon 1 with alert color level black watch plaid, yet is so quick to push the dump button on possibly great artists just by looks alone. Mark my words, the only way this industry will continue is not by fending off illegal pirated downloads, but by getting back to the roots of music. A person looking to express themselves regardless of looks. What matters is the message. Does it mean anything? SO cheers to you Susan!! Frank Zappa how the world needs you still.